Protect Your Investment, Have Drapes And Blinds Cleaned Professionally

By Justin Gallagher

When decorating your living areas and bedrooms, you spent a lot of time and money picking out just the perfect materials and colors for drapes and blinds. Perhaps you splurged and treated yourself to window coverings that were custom made, or mixed blinds with drapes in intriguing and exciting ways. You made a real statement about your style. Now the challenge is maintaining the look while also protecting the expensive materials used to create each piece.

The wisest thing you can do to preserve the integrity of the window covering design you chose is to plan for regular professional cleanings. Allowing specialists to take special care of your drapes and blinds ensures the durability of the fabrics, fibers, and other materials used to make your special window coverings.

Typically lined with a contrasting or neutral color, formal drapes almost always require dry cleaning. The variety of fabrics sewn and pleated together to make draperies often have a tailored feel, a crisp texture much easier to maintain if it is not soaked in water and agitated. The contrasts of different weights of fabric which make draperies look so lush and layered hold up much better when cleaned professionally.

Window blinds can be made of such a range of materials that one size does not fit all when it comes to maintaining their structure and engineered design. Each blind has so many surfaces that collect dust, grease, and dirt that it makes the most sense to clean in a large, immersion tank. Similar to the drapes most blinds have a severe, sharped edged look that is lost if scrubbed with a brush or dropped into a washing machine.

Free of the dirt and dust that accumulates as they hang in an open window, freshly cleaned drapes and blinds are welcoming to friends and family. For individuals who have allergies or sensitivities to dust mites or pollen, a regular cleaning of drapes and blinds keeps those irritants away. The fabrics and other materials last longer when cleaned at intervals, too.

Your initial investment in perfect window coverings deserves periodic professional cleanings to maintain their shape, color, and design. Look for a cleaning company with experience and commitment to training their employees in proper techniques.

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