Solving Smoke Odor Problems In Your Home

By Justin Gallagher

Smoke damage does not only result from house fires. This type of damage can also create a lasting and negative impact on a home from long-term exposure to tobacco smoke, cooking mishaps, fireplaces, and a host of other factors. It is entirely possible to be a responsible homeowner and discover the smell of smoke in your home without a fire ever taking place. A homeowner had a small rental property on the outskirts of town, and for years, their primary tenant smoked every day. When they finally decided to sell the home, they discovered the thick scent of smoke had permeated the very walls and ceiling of the master bedroom. The owners could not just sell the property like that, but they had no idea how to deal with the problem.

The solution is to address the issue as though the smoke damage had come from a fire. You do not just wash the walls and floors yourself after a fire; you hire a fire and smoke damage restoration company that can clean it up professionally. They called our company, asked us a few questions, and learned what needed to be done. A few days later, we sent our team over with specialized equipment to eliminate smoke odors from the entire home. We used thermal foggers, machines that create a unique odor-eliminating fog that can get into the cracks and corners of their home just like smoke odors. It did not cost much, and the home’s value rose instantly.

A similar solution will work for other forms of smoke damage. I remember staying once in a woodland cottage with a wood-burning fireplace. However, whether it was the fireplace itself or something else, the whole area around it smelled like smoke even without a fire burning. Those types of odors do not just go away; they embed themselves in the materials of the room itself. Moreover, trust me, a simple cleaning job is not going to do much for those more pungent smells. Hiring a professional smoke damage cleanup company makes sure the job gets done, and no odors remain.


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Choosing a Restoration Company for Fire Damage Cleanup

By Justin Gallagher

A tedious task, cleaning up after fire damage needs the right time and industrial equipment. A regular vacuum cleaner is rarely all that is needed. Plus, time is of the essence. Immediately after a fire, victims are looking at arrangements for temporary housing, insurance matters, and even possible health concerns, so homeowners are not likely to put salvage efforts at the top of their list of priorities. This could sadly be a costly problem, however. In cases like these, the services of a professional fire restoration company can be invaluable.

A tedious task, cleaning up after fire damage needs the right time and industrial equipment.
A tedious task, cleaning up after fire damage needs the right time and industrial equipment.

When you delay cleanup after fire damage, it could have serious consequences. Besides the obvious devastation caused by flames, heat, water, soot and smoke, there are strong destructors and contaminators left behind. Intervention needs to be taken right away to lower the exposure to these agents which are very damaging to help limit the cost of restoration. It only takes several minutes after the blaze is put out for acidic soot to cause the discoloration of plastics. In just hours this same soot can cause the yellowing of countertops, bath fixtures and tarnish and any protected metals. Furniture as well can become discolored. In days, the walls can discolor permanently, and metals can begin corroding and rusting, plus any flooring of vinyl or wood will have to be replaced or refinished. If cleanup is left for weeks untouched, carpeting might become unsalvageable from discoloration and fixtures that are silver-plate become corroded.

Besides the structural damage from the fire itself, acidic soot can cause damage to a home’s belongings and interior that are irreparable. However, the problems do not end there, as odor removal can be another issue, and box or ceiling fans by themselves do not have enough power to disperse the smoke smell. Water damage caused by firefighters to put the fire out can complicate things even more.

Homeowners might be able to save some of their belongings with a sponge and soap or by laundering and vacuuming. Extensive water damage, heavy soot, corrosion control and removal of odors, however, are best left to professional technicians. These technicians have all that is needed to clean up the damage and restore the inside of your home to a condition like it was before the fire. A general contractor can always be contacted for any structural damage.

When choosing a restoration company to do the cleanup after fire damage, you should make sure that they have up-to-date training which they can back up with formal documentation. Plus, the technician’s or company’s safety and health certificates should be up-to-date as well. The technician ideally should have a lot of experience in a variety of different skills for restoration, and be able to give you the proof of their professional license, plus the applicable insurance needed.