Water Damage Can Be Costly – Repairs And Replacement Of Damaged Items

Water Damage can be Costly – Repairs and Replacement of Damaged Items

By Justin Gallagher


Water damage from melting snow and heavy rain is most likely to take place in the Spring months, but water damage can happen anytime. Leaking water lines or drains, busted dishwasher hoses, and overflowing toilets, tubs, sinks, and washing machines are only some of the sources of water damage from internal sources.

How Can A Professional Help Combat Water Damage
Water damage can continue to affect your personal belongings long after you’ve stopped the flow of water or outside sources have receded. Slow leaks that remain undiscovered are also a cause of water damage in many homes. Professionals have the equipment to detect water flowing or seeping behind walls, and the training needed to use that equipment skillfully. When water is detected, they will stop it at its source, and then begin the measures required to halt any damage already present. Afterward, they will inspect for any damage that may be present but hidden. This damage should be repaired, as it may contain pathogens that can create health effects.Water damage

Water Can Damage Your Belongings and Favorite Things
Water damage can affect not only your home’s structure and safety but also your home’s furnishings. Photographs, mementos, and other items of sentimental value should be noted, and let the professionals know of any damaged valuables. They will make sure the utmost care is given to those items of most importance to you.

Help with Insurance Claims
Many homeowners do not have insurance specific to flood damage. Having a non-biased third party can significantly improve your chances of having claims settled in your favor if the source of the water is determined not to be flood waters. Internal flooding from sources inside your home, such as overflowing toilets and tubs or broken and busted water lines are often decided in the homeowner’s favor.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Company
Professionals are accustomed to communicating with insurance companies and can provide compelling evidence and statements that your home was water damaged by non-flood waters in those situations. They can also help determine which items are beyond repair, and which ones may be usable once again if restored and refurbished. A professional water damage restoration company wants to help you regain your home’s security and sense of safety again, with the comforts you’ve come to know in your home’s interior.




Author: Justin Gallagher

Justin Gallagher is the owner and operator at SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville in Colorado. SERVPRO is a leader in disaster restoration and is a preferred vendor for many local and national insurance companies. http://www.servprolafayettelouisville.com/